The date of written test for contractual staff for DD-Kisan channel (Vide advertisement No. NABM/Prog./Kisan/2017 of Dated: 05/05/2017) is 26/11/17 (Sunday).The admit card to eligible candidates have been dispatched by speed post.

RTI Matter
अपीलीय प्राधिकारी\APPELLATE AUTHORITY


Name : I. I. GEORGE
नाम: आई .आई. जॉर्ज

नाम: शशिकांत
Designation : Additional Director General
पदनाम: अपर महानिदेशक
Designation : Deputy Director General
पदनाम: उप महानिदेशक
दूरभाष/Telephone : 011-27606128
फैक्स/Fax : 011-27607185
दूरभाष-फैक्स/ Tele-fax : 011- 27603909